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1.What Are Cookies and Why Are They Used?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device or network server via browsers by the websites you visit.

The main purposes of using cookies on our website are listed below;

  • To improve the services offered to you by increasing the functionality and performance of the website,
  • To improve the website, to offer new features on the website and to personalize its features based on your preferences,
  • To ensure legal and commercial security for the website, you and our Company.

2.Types of Cookies Used on Our Website

Cookie Type Descriptions
Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are used during a user's visit to our website and are deleted after the browser is closed.
The main purpose of using such cookies is to ensure that our website functions properly during your visit.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are used to increase the functionality of the website, to provide a faster and better service to our visitors, to recognize you as an existing user and to give you personalized suggestions.
Persistent cookies allow for checking if there is a cookie created by our website on your device if you visit our website more than once using the same device, and if there is, it indicates that you have previously visited the website and the content shown to you is determined accordingly, thus providing you with a better service.

3.Cookies Used on Our Website

Cookie Cookie Service Provider Descriptions

It is an anti-forgery cookie web applications create using ASP.NET MVC technologies. It is used to prevent unauthorized routing of content to any website.

rc::a, rc::c

It is used to distinguish between humans and bots. It is useful for reporting on the use of the website.


It is used to check if the browser used supports cookies.


This cookie provided by Google Analytics is used to store the visitor's browser and computer details.

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz

These cookies enable website tracking through Google Analytics, a service offered by Google, to obtain information about users’ website visits. The stored information includes the number of visits, the first and last dates of visit, the duration of the visits, the page from which the user arrived at the website and the search engine used to access the website. The data these cookies generate regarding the use of the website is submitted and stored by Google Inc. (a US-based company).


Provided by Google Analytics, this cookie assigns a randomly generated ID number to identify unique visitors.


This cookie provided by Google Analytics is used to determine the number of visits and the first and last dates of visits.

_fbp, tr

Used by Facebook to deliver a range of advertising products, such as real-time bidding from third-party advertisers.


Provided by Google AdSense, this cookie is used for measuring advertisement efficiency across websites.


It is used by Google Adwords to re-attract visitors who are considered as leads based on their behavior on the website.


It is used by Google DoubleClick to record and report a user's actions after seeing or clicking on an advertiser's ads, with the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of an ad and show targeted ads to the user.

pagead/1p-conversion/#, pagead/viewthroughconversion/654858583

These are cookies used by Google for targeted advertising.

4.Blocking Cookies

You have the option to customize your cookie preferences by changing the cookie settings of your browser. Browser developers offer help pages regarding the management of cookies specific to their products. Please see the table below for more information.

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

By utilizing the methods described in this Cookie Policy, users may be profiled and necessary activities are carried out to improve our website.

This Cookie Policy issued by our Community may be updated periodically, without prior notice, to demonstrate our personal information practices. If any significant changes are made to our Cookie Policy, users will be notified with a noticeable announcement on our website. Also, you can find on which date this Cookie Policy was last updated at the top of this Cookie Policy.