Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a reservation requirement prior to visiting the museum with a school group?
Yes, reservation is required if you want to participate in any guided tours or workshops for school groups. You can contact or 0212 334 99 00 (4) for reservations.

How many students can participate in a guided tour or workshop?
Student groups can consist of 10 to 25 participants.

Where do I check in when I arrive?
Pera Learning team will welcome you and lead you to the workshop area. The workshop takes place following a brief description of the current exhibition and the program.

Can students take home the artwork they create at the workshop?
Yes, the students are allowed to take the artwork they have worked on with them.

What supplies should I bring?
You don’t need to bring anything! The Museum provides the necessary equipment.

Can I take photographs during the exhibition tour and workshop?
Yes, you can take photographs without flash.

Are food and drinks allowed?
No, we kindly ask you not to bring any food or drinks to the workshop area.

When should I arrive?
Please arrive ten minutes before the scheduled time.

What if I want to cancel my tour?
All cancellations must be notified at least a week prior to the scheduled visit.

What if we are late?
Even if your group is late, the program still ends at the designated ending time. The workshop is cancelled if the group is more than fifteen minutes late.

What happens when our reservation is cancelled?
You are welcome to reschedule at

Does the Museum provide transportation?
No, the schools are responsible for providing their means of transportation.

Where can we park?
There are available parking spots around the museum.

For public transportation, take a look at click here.

What are the prices for workshops?
All workshops are free for public schools during the school year. Private schools are charged 15 TL per participant. Payments should be made at the reception desk upon arrival.