The Dance of Knots: Mario Prassinos

05 August 2016

Renowned for his tapestries, Jean Lurçat was one of the neighbors of Mario Prassinos when he moved to villa Seurat in Paris in 1941. Soon Lurçat would introduce Prassinos to tapestry.

To produce the tapestries, first the primary design was drawn on paper, then the code numbers on the color chart of the samples of wool was written on paper based on a kind of preview that only existed in the mind of the designer. For someone who had mastered the use of his memory, the tapestries were akin to a new game. Making room for calligraphic expression at times, the tapestries sometimes repeated the designs used in the other works and, at other times, revealed images recalling the past with names such as Turquerie or Turkish Rose.

On the 100th anniversary of his birth, Mario Prassinos returned to İstanbul and his place of birth Pera, where his story began, to share, through this exhibition, the many things he took with him in his memories.Mario Prassinos, In Pursuit of an Artist: Istanbul-Paris-Istanbul exhibition took place at Pera Museum between 25 May - 14 August 2016.

From Cypresses to Turkish Landscapes

From Cypresses to Turkish Landscapes

Among the most interesting themes in the oeuvre of Prassinos are cypresses, trees, and Turkish landscapes. The cypress woods in Üsküdar he saw every time he stepped out on the terrace of their house in İstanbul or the trees in Petits Champs must have been strong images of childhood for Prassinos. 

Midnight Horror Stories: The Last Ferry <br> Galip Dursun

Midnight Horror Stories: The Last Ferry
Galip Dursun

I remembered a game as I was waiting in the passenger lounge for the ferry to arrive just a few minutes ago. A game we used to play at home when I was young, in my country that is very far away from here, a relic from the distant past; I don’t even remember how we used to play it. The kind of game that makes me feel a thousand times lonelier than I already am among the crowd waiting to get on the ferry.

Midnight Horror Stories: <br> Witches’ Sun <br> Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

Midnight Horror Stories:
Witches’ Sun
Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

I walk over rocks hot as iron under the September sun. I can make out a few lines in the distance, and a few cracked rocks, but apart from those, not a single tree, not one plant