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What’s Real? Be Surreal!

As part of Giorgio de Chirico, the workshop What’s Real? Be Surreal! journeyed into subconscious thoughts and created a correlation between reality and what lies beyond in our thoughts and imagination. Participants while exploring their own creativity found out about Surrealism and Metaphysical Art.

What does the subconscious bring to mind? Perhaps dreams, memories, experiences and fears…In this workshop, participants worked on bringing out their thoughts from their subconscious. They imagined the journals they keep, drew on oversized pieces of paper without looking, wrote poems or absurd lyrics, created mysterious sculptures, and discovered the connection between reality and fantasy. In order to create their own worlds, they get to create a brand new world between reality and the subconscious. Participating teens could share photographs of their works on social media platforms by using the hashtags #peramuseum #peraeducation #youngpera #besurreal.

Workshop led by: Eda Göknar
Related Exhibitions: Giorgio de Chirico, The Enigma of the World

Group limit: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 35 TL

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29 April


Ages 13 - 17