Ages 7-12

Tear, Detach, and Attach: Collage Workshop with Artist Gökçe İrten

This is a collage like no other! Artist Gökçe İrten accompanies us in discovery of our limitless imagination.

“The collage, however, is much more than pieces of everything cut with scissors and pasted together. It is about the way Parajanov viewed the world – a seamless combination of otherwise incompatible objects.” Levon Abrahamian

We learn the subtleties of collage technique with Gökçe İrten, and we create our own composition based on famous filmmaker Parajanov’s artwork. Various material including yarn, craft paper, and recycled material are used unsparingly in these collages that help us discover the compatibility of different materials, and acquire a refreshed sense of composition.

Workshop led by: Gökçe İrten
Related Exhibition: Parajanov, with Sarkis

Ages: 7-12
Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 45 TL

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About Gökçe İrten
After completing her undergraduate degree in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Ceramic and Glass Design Department, she obtained her graduate degree from Sabancı University Visual Communication department with her dissertation on ‘Design Principles of Illustrated Children’s Books’. She studied illustration for children’s books in University of Arts London. Her work was displayed in domestic and international exhibitions. Also, she offers creative visualization trainings to children. Her first solo exhibition Muhit/Neighborhood was housed by Mixer Gallery in 2017. Based in Istanbul, the freelance artist authored and illustrated many children’s books, which were printed by a number of publishing houses.

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24 January
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30 January


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