Ages 7-12

Stop–Motion Animation: Ink Painting

Ready to shoot an animated film with ink painting? At this workshop, we experiment stop-motion, an animated-film making technique which gives an impression that fixed three dimensional objects are moving. We first add alternating amounts of water into ink to get various hues, and use a soft brush to create our lavi painting. Then, we take photos of the lines and spots, which are gradually added onto the paper, and produce an animated film. Just like playing chess, we think a few steps ahead to ensure the continuity of our story.

As we have limited space at the workshop space, children’s works will be exhibited digitally. Also exhibited at the workshop area are a selection of the works from the summer workshops.

Workshop led by: Fırat Bingöl
Related Exhibition: Out of Ink: Interpretations from Chinese Contemporary Art
Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop:  60 TL

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Ages 7-12