Ages 7-12

Photographs of the Future

When was the camera invented? How do we take photographs today? We explore the phases photography has gone through in terms of techniques and meaning, and we meditate on how new meanings are created today through techniques of photography effects and manipulation. In the first part of the workshop we take photographs and then we modify them by applying effects, manipulating and making collages and GIF animations from them. This way, we learn that it is possible to create a new meaning by interfering with the reality of a photograph by using simple techniques. 

In this workshop we learn about values such as light, color, exposure, contrast, etc., demonstrate our creativity with manipulation techniques and collage works, and also enjoy an introduction to basic level animation with a quick GIF making exercise. 

Note: We kindly ask you to bring a laptop and a mouse as well as downloading the “PicsArt” program on your PC in advance. 

Workshop led by: Deniz Sena Girginel
Related Exhibition: A Road Story180 Years of Photography
Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 1,5 hours
Fee per workshop:
 75 TL

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