Ages 7-12

Nature & Pollution: “Philosophy-on-the-go” Workshop

Is the earth a giant trash? Do human beings not belong to nature?

Human beings invented thousands of novelties thanks to their intelligence. They built a great civilization. In the meantime, they came to treat nature as a massive storage room, a big waste yard which would take all the trash there is. They ended up forgetting they are also a part of the nature, in fact only one of the species depending on one another.

The “Philosophy On-the-go” workshop by the artist and trainer Müjgan Özçay aims to enable us to find answers to questions on human and environment through interactive means including games, handcrafts, dramas and Q&A techniques. The workshop is based on the book named La nature et la pollution of the worlwide known “Les Gouters Philo” series, published in Turkey as “Çıtır Çıtır Felsefe”, written by Brigitte Labbe and Michel Puech.

Instructor: Müjgan Özçay, Günışığı Kitaplığı

Related Exhibition: 16th İstanbul Biennial
Ages: 10-12
Capacity: 15 participants
Duration: 1,5 hours

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About Müjgan Özçay
Artist, instructor, consultant, playwright and director Müjgan Özçay has also starred, as an Istanbul Opera soloist, in a series of musicals, operettas and modern plays including “The Kind and I”, “West Side Story”, “Fantastic”, “Sweet Charity”, “Kiss Me Kate”, “Lend me a Tenor”. The artist who created TV shows, concerts, stage shows, cabarets and had many plays and shows put on stage, is also the creator and host of “Aşk İçin” (For Love) and “Size de Çıkabilir!”  (You Can Win Too!), two interactive stage shows. Currently composing “Kırmızı Tüy” (Red Feather), Turkey’s first “opera for children”,  the skilled artist has also run “Hadi Operaya!” (Let’s Go to the Opera!) on behalf of the Istanbul Opera. The project aimed to promote opera in schools. She organizes and hosts, since 2013, SANSEV Istanbul International Polyphonic Choirs Festival.


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12 October


Ages 10-12