Ages 7-12

Memories Come Alive: Model Workshop

Isn’t it great to travel, see the world, discover new places and cultures? But then what? Photographs are the best concrete evidence that narrate our memories and stories. In the workshop, we bring a memory into life that we have from our own travels or from the photographs we see in the exhibition. We build a model of the camera that will allow us to relive our memory, and then we illustrate that memory. Having illustrated our memory, we take it out of the camera and share its story with our friends. In this way, we both improve our manual skills and learn to express a memory visually and orally by using our imagination.

Workshop led by: Ebru Rato & Melis Eraydın
Related Exhibition: A Road Story180 Years of Photography
Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 1,5 hours
Fee per workshop:
 75 TL

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28 January
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ages 7-12