Life Story in 3D

In Life Story in 3D organized as part of the exhibition Memory and Continuity, participants will witness the transformative power of time as part of the creative process based on analyzing photographs. They will design a living space in light of the stories they create.

This workshop is based on the relationship between living habits, behavioral practices, and space, all of which change over time. First, participants discuss several old photographs and make up stories about them. Then, they begin to imagine the world of the people in the photographs based on their clothes, facial expressions, and settings. Rooted in photograph reading, this creative process allows participants to face the transformative power of time. They design a lebensraum in line with the story they construct. This can be an architectural shell or an interior. Participants then produce a model of the space they design. Time, people, stories, and spaces interconnect to create a whole and the stories become concretized with the model they create.

Workshop led by: Mil
Related Exhibitions: Memory and Continuity, A Selection from the Huma Kabakcı Collection

Group limit: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 50 TL

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25 March