Ages 7-12

From Photographs to Movement

Is there any movement in photographs? Do photographs have sound? We tap into our creativity through movement and sound, and connect with photographs and each other. Getting inspired from the works in the exhibition, we experience drifting in the wind or resisting it, and finding our own movements by dancing with fabrics. While having fun, we experience the elements of photography such as light and shadow through movement. We color Styrofoam balls by working in groups. We determine our frames and design our patterns on our own mini canvases.   

Note: We kindly ask you to wear comfortable clothes such as sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts and socks for the workshops.

Workshop led by: Seda Güney
Related Exhibition: A Road Story180 Years of Photography
Capacity: 10 participants 
Duration: 1,5 hours
Fee per workshop:
 75 TL

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About S. Seda Güney 
She works with children, adults, the differently abled and refugees as a dance movement therapist, trainer and supervisor in the fields of kinesthetic learning, trauma rehabilitation, creativity and social change. She is a professional member of ADMP, UK (Association for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy). Güney has worked for projects and organizations that find creative solutions for refugee relief and psychosocial support and empowerment of children and young individuals. She has also developed content as a trainer and led workshops both in Turkey and abroad.

Thank you for your interest. This workshop is fully booked.
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ages 7-12       ages 7-12