Language of the Body

Flexible Space

As part of this workshop based on the relationship between space and the dimensions of the human body, the children will first use ropes to create a net they can enter. While inside this net, they will explore the borders of space with movements of their own bodies. During this process, they will experiment with and learn about how space is scaled, shaped, and created over the human body. Changing with movements in the next step, this flexible net-space will be fixed at a final form of the children’s own choosing. Within the possibilities of the created space, the children will try to fit into this space without distorting its boundaries, notice the shapes their bodies take, and thus experience the relationship between body and space.

Instructor: Pil Studio

Capacity: 10 participants 
 2 hours 
Price per workshop:
 45 TL

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Past seance
03 January


Ages 7 - 14