Corporeal Data

This workshop aimed to explore the concepts of ‘physical perception and memory’ through opposite notions of slowness and speed. Through the experience of the diversity of motion dynamics through different combinations, participants worked on the processes of meaning production and deconstruction. In this workshop, participants experienced their own physical bodies and their real-time reflection together to broaden the extent of the perception of motion.  In this context, designed and improvised exercises were performed both as a group and individually. No prior experience was required; anyone over 18 could join the workshop.

Key concepts: slowness/speed, biological/technological, human/machine, improvised motion, physical body/virtual body, memory, physical perception, motion qualities.

About the instructors
Co-founded by Beliz Demircioğlu Cihandide and Aylin Kalem BoDig is an Istanbul based arts initiative focusing mainly on the issues of the body in contemporary and digital culture. Its artistic understanding has a multidisciplinary scope, bringing a variety of fields together, like dance, performance, plastic arts, design, architecture, new media, engineering and medicine, in order to bring forth a reflection and artistic creation around the issues of the body in its contemporary and technological context. The works of the co-founders have been showcased in a range of places, including Baryshnikov Art Center (NYC), Centre des Arts d’Engien les Bains (Paris), Codice-Idee per la Cultura (Pisa), Eyebeam Gallery (NYC), Jack H. Skirball Center (NYC), Vancouver NIME, Ask the Robot (NYC), Bjcem Biennial (Bari), Tedance Festival (Lisbon), Tanzquartier Wien (Vienna), L’animal a l’esquena (Girona), Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Carthage (Tunisia) and Centre Des Arts (Paris), Garajistanbul, and İstanbul Modern. The duo also teaches theoretical and practical courses on interdisciplinary motion at İstanbul Bilgi University’s Program in Performing Arts.

Please bring comfortable clothes, i.e. tracksuit, leggings, t-shirt and socks. You can change at the museum.   

Workshop led by: Beliz Demircioğlu Cihandide, Aylin Kalem 

Capacity: 10 participants
Age group: 18+
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 40 TL

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Past seance
15 October
Past seance
16 October


Ages 18+