Ages 7-12

Colorful Paints Made Out of Fruits and Vegetables

We didn’t have paint tubes back in the old days! Paints of various colors were produced from fruits, vegetables, plants, even insects. During this workshop, we start with how the Chinese contemporary art uses the ink and go on to create a color palette of natural inks made out of lemons, strawberries, Japanese plums, and mulberries. These paints reveal not only a striking appearance but also a dazzling smell and great taste! In the making of both the paints and the paintings on canvas, we will use our hands a lot, and we be able to taste them just as we wish to.

As we have limited space at the workshop space, children’s works will be exhibited digitally. Also exhibited at the workshop area are a selection of the works from the summer workshops.

Workshop led by: Birnur Temel, MILKist
Related Exhibition: Out of Ink: Interpretations from Chinese Contemporary Art
Capacity: 10 participants 
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop:  60 TL

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11 July
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16 July


Ages 7-12