Adding Another Dimension to Photography
Artist Workshop: Murat Germen

Are you ready to shift photography from two to three dimensions? We add another dimension to our own photographs and create models! During this workshop, we explore the production of expressive forms that constitute an alternative to two-dimensional photography. We add another dimension to our photos with materials such as cardboards, pieces of wood, fasteners and ropes. We then reflect upon how adding layers and dimensions to photographic representation may diversify and enhance the viewer's perception.

Photography offers a space to produce both documentary and fictional content, and purely aesthetic work transmitting strong messages. It should also be noted that adding new layers to two-dimensional and homogeneous photographic prints or making them three dimensional may create a further narrative or help viewers interpret the components that make up the work through alternative approaches.

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Ages: 18 and above
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 10 people
Participation fee per workshop: 100 TL
Participation fee per workshop for students: 70 TL (Please show your student ID at the entrance.)

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About Murat Germen
Murat Germen is an artist, educator and archivist employing photography as a means of expression / research. He teaches art and new media at Sabancı University. Germen issued a large number of print / online publications, and participated in numerous international conferences.

His works focus on the effects of excessive urbanization and gentrification, property / expropriation, new forms / devices / methods of imperialism, participatory citizenship, urban rights, sustainability of local culture, human-induced environmental destruction, climate change, global warming and water rights. Skira (Italy) and MASA (Turkey) published two monographies of his. He contributed to over eighty personal / group exhibitions. More than 300 editions of his works have been included in domestic / overseas personal collections as well as the collections of Istanbul Modern, Project 4L Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Toruń Contemporary Arts Center (Poland), Benetton Foundation's Imago Mundi - Istanbul Codex, Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Center, Odunpazarı Modern Museum and Evliyagil Museum.


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28 February