Growing Pains


Director: Soner Caner, Barış Kaya
Cast: Alen Hüseyin Gürsoy, Yavuz Gürbüz, Şeyda Sözüer, Muhammed Ubiç, Veli Ubiç
Turkey, 2016, 94, color

Turkish with English subtitles 

Rauf is 9. He lives in a small village in Anatolia, under the shadow of an unseen and unknown war. He apprentices in a carpentry; his master makes coffins and more coffins, Rauf learns how to get orders and how to express condolences. His world of black and white colours up when he falls in love with the 20 year-old daughter of his master. Rauf’s journey of searching the colour pink for the girl he loves, becomes a child’s search of love, hope and peace. Soner Caner and Barış Kaya’s first feature film was awarded with the Special Jury Prize in the 35th Istanbul Film Festival.

Following the screening of this film on May 13th, directors Soner Caner and Barış Kaya will be in conversation. Click here for more info.


Past Screening
13 May Saturday
Past Screening
19 May Friday
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