Growing Pains


Director: Barry Jenkins
Cast: Alex R. Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, Trevante Rhodes, Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Janelle Monáe
USA, 2016, 111’,  color
English with Turkish subtitles

Little, Chiron, Black; a child, an adolescent, an adult… Being African-American and gay, he knows his path and borders are already drawn in this world - yet he never forgets to be himself. Storms break inside his heart as he discovers his body, his desires and his feelings. Living in a drug-trafficking neighbouring of Miami, his drug-addict mom and his bullying peers does not make life easier for him. Moonlight tells the story of a tough life in three chapters and celebrates the rise of independent and LGBT cinema. This film by Barry Jenkins was awarded with 3 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.


Past Screening
19 May Friday
Past Screening
20 May Saturday
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