Growing Pains

Attila Marcel

Director: Sylvain Chomet
Cast: Guillaume Gouix, Bernadette Lafont, Hélène Vincent, Anne Le Ny
France, 2013, 106’, color

French with Turkish subtitles

Paul is 33. He is a man-child living in Paris with his two aunts, he still cannot speak and expresses himself by colourful suits instead. His aunts, who raised him after the death of his parents, just expect him to win piano competitions. When Paul meets the mysterious neighbour Madame Proust and her concoctions, he journeys into his subconscious and childhood years, becoming free from the obstacles that keep him from growing up. After two animated features The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist, French director Sylvain Chomet carries on with his creativity and visual wit in his first live action film, Attila Marcel.


Past Screening
03 May Wednesday
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05 May Friday
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