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Masterpieces of World Ceramics from the Victoria and Albert Museum

15 May - 19 July 2009

A unique selection from the globally renowned ceramics collection of Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the oldest and leading art institutions of Great Britain, was proudly exhibited for the first time in İstanbul, at the Pera Museum.

With its 150-year-old history and rich collections, Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the leading art and design museums in the world. Selected from the Victoria and Albert Museum's Ceramics Collection –a collection unparalleled in terms of its scope, diversity and global range- the exhibition not only featured masterpieces of world ceramic art from Antiquity to the present, but also explored the traditions and developments of one of the oldest and most important art forms in the world, revealing both the commercial and cultural interactions between civilizations. Ranging from early ceramics of China, to luxury wares of Renaissance courts, from İznik tiles to Sèvres porcelains, 115 unique examples of world ceramics were displayed at the Pera Museum, İstanbul after Korea, Germany and Syria.




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Masterpieces Of World Ceramics From The Victoria and Albert Museum

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