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Ivan Chermayeff

Collages and Small Sculptures

24 January - 25 March 2007

In 2007, the galleries of Pera Museum welcomed the work of the remarkable artist, Ivan Chermayeff. From the mid-1950s until the end of his life in December 2017, Chermayeff practiced as a graphic designer, in New York with his partner Tom Geismar. His collages, which he produced for over forty years, utilizing the everyday ephemera collected in different parts of the world where he had worked and traveled, have been exhibited and published in the United States, Europe and Japan. He saved the envelopes received from friends and colleagues, who sent him abandoned gloves, discarded candy wrappers and other visual delights to add to those he had picked up on the streets of the world.

The exhibition, which introduced Chermayeff to the Turkish audience for the first time with his art, brought together nearly one hundred works produced by the artist between 1998-2005.




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Ivan Charmayeff Sculptures
Ivan Chermayeff: Collages and Small Sculptures

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