The Day after the Wedding: The Feast of Trotters

Unknown Painter (Northern Europe?)

Oil on canvas, 53.5 x 76 cm
Mid-18th century

The “feast of trotters”, which was traditionally held on the day after an Ottoman wedding, is the subject of this painting. The bride at the center of the composition is further emphasized by the red drapery before her. Her red veil and her kaftan hang from either sides of the window. The belt and pearl necklace presented to the bride by the older members of the family on the morning after the wedding night appear on the bride’s lap. On the right, set on a platform is a tray –which is part of the bride’s dowry– decorated with vases filled with flowers. The hosts are greeting the arriving guests on the left. The clothes reflect the fashion of mid-18th century. The painting must have been inspired by Vanmour’s Greek Wedding preserved at the Rijksmuseum.