Table clock

first half of the 20th century

White/cream coloured paste, white slip, transparent glaze with underglaze brownish red, cobalt blue, turquoise, yellow, black, and green decoration. Outlines are black. The clock has two handles and rises on a conical, rectangular base with segmented feet. The circular space for the clock itself is empty. The base is embellished with small curved spirals, rosette blossoms and dahlias. There is a chain motif bordering the are between the base and the body. There is a bird figure on the body, perched on long branches issuing from the base. There are small stems around the bird, with leaves and buds. The space for the clock is encircled by rosette blossoms. The curved handles feature zigzag motifs. At the very top there are three roses, with the largest at the centre. The back of the clock is glazed.