Table Lamp

Mid-20th century

White/cream coloured paste, white slip, transparent glaze with underglaze brownish red, cobalt blue, turquoise, yellow, black, and green decoration. Outlines are black. The ornament is placed on two cylindrical pillars, in turn placed on a cylindrical platform with three feet. The piece is covered with a flattened dome reminiscent of hat, and decorated with flowers, animals and objects. There are open-mouthed snakes around the pillars placed on the cylindrical platform. Between these pillars there is a gramophone-like vase, resting on two smaller vases. There are large roses in the middle, and smaller ones in the corners. There is a bird on the dome-like cover, with a serpent in front as well as colourful roses and large leaves. At the edges of the cover there are half-rosette blossoms and borders comprising of braided motifs. The cylindrical platforms is topped with half-cartridges embellished with palmettes and rumi, surrounded by small leaves and rosette blossoms. The pillars carrying the platform are double-tiered and grooved.