Stroll in the Palace Garden

Louis-François Cassas

Watercolor on paper, 56 x 83 cm

This watercolor, which Cassas painted while teaching at the Gobelins Tapestry Manufactory upon his return to France, is one of his imaginary scenes of the Ottoman world and İstanbul. In this work, the artist possibly used the sketches he created during his stay in İstanbul. The area through which a creek runs, recalls excursion sites such as Göksu, Büyükdere or Kâğıthane. The cluster of structures in the center, on the other hand, evokes the Hisar fortress of İstanbul. Nonetheless, as a whole, the composition does not correspond to a particular area of the city. Still, with their garments and accessories, the Ottoman figures are depicted in a realistic manner. Auguste Boppe, who refers to the painting in his book, notes that “the artist’s talent in landscape painting is strongly manifested in this watercolor” and he further mentions the tranquil atmosphere of the painting.