Portrait of a Young Woman

Thomas de Barbarin

Pastel on canvas, 123 x 87 cm
Second half of 19th century

The upper part of the costume of this young woman, posing against a dark background with a fan in her hand, reflects Ottoman female fashion. The woman is wearing a short waistcoat, the borders of which are decorated with gold sequins, over her light shirt with red embroideries; she has pink roses in front of her collar and a long belt wrapped around her waist. Her hair is in tresses and her head is covered with a short, fez-like cap of the same colour as her waistcoat, with gold embroidery and borders decorated with gold coins. As for jewellery, her gold necklace, long earrings, snake-shaped bracelet and rings with precious stones, are noteworthy. Her striped taffeta skirt with its heavy pleating, is in European style.