second half of the 18th century

White/cream coloured paste, white slip, transparent glaze with underglaze cobalt blue decoration. Outlines are black. Conical body, single handle, pouring spout, and pedestal base.
The handle has been shaped into a C-form with two sharp sections. The neck is short and cylindrical in form, ending in a thin rim. The conical body has been separated into 18 sections, with two alternating embellishments repeated on each section. The first border is lined with drop-like motifs, whilst the second is embellished with small flowers and leaves connected by a thin stem. The large border at the bottom part of the body is embellished with diamonds decorated with stylised flowers, as well as half-diamonds inbetween. On the cylindrical neck, narrowing towards the rim, we see two borders comprised of leaves shaped like heart motifs, in two different sizes. The middle part of the neck has been decorated with coiled grooves with cross-hatching on the surface. There are thin lines between the grooves. The part around the rim is shaped like a cup, with convex grooves. There are drop motifs and cross-hatching on the handle. The spout, folding outwards starting from the bottom part of the body, has been decorated with stylised flowers and leaves placed on a curved stem. Between the spout and the body there is a plaque with openwork.