first half of the 20th century

White/cream coloured paste, white slip, transparent glaze with underglaze brownish red, cobalt blue, turquoise, and yellow decoration. Outlines are black. Conical body, profiled cylindrical neck, beak-shaped spout, and flat bottom. On the body we see highly stylised flowers, which could be tulips or healianthus flowers, placed upside down in sectioned objects resembling vases, along stems with leaves. The spaces inbetween have been embellished with half-dahlias. The neck has been separated into two parts through profiles; the bottom part has been decorated with curved leaves, whilst the top has been embellished with stylised leaves connected by spots. On the beak-shaped spout there is a tulip motif. The square-cut handle is covered with stylised leaf motifs, with decorations made up of spots on the sides.