“De Chirico’s Perspective”
Ali Artun


05 March 2016 / 14:00 Past Activity

Giorgio de Chirico’s “metaphysical paintings” constitute the origin of his myth. The metaphysical paintings first materialized in the artist’s imagination while he was sitting at Santa Croce Square in Florence one afternoon in 1909. Starting with the Surrealists, he seduced many avant-garde artists. “Metaphysical Paintings” amalgamate Neo-platonic thought, the philosophy of Nietzsche, ancient mythology, and the artist’s own myth in creating a mysterious and symbolic language. The grammar of this language is geometry, perspective, which is believed to be a “divine geometry,” and the theater in which memory is recorded. In the art of de Chirico, architecture combines geometry, perspective, and theater. According to him, the enigma of both the universe and of his own art can be construed through architecture.

About Ali Artun 
Graduated from METU Department of Architecture. He is the founder and member of numerous associations in art and architecture. He took part in the establishment of Gallery Nev in 1984. Since then, he has organized numerous exhibitions for Gallery Nev in Ankara as well as other exhibitions in Ankara and Istanbul. He edited over a hundred titles published by Gallery Nev. Since 2002, he directs the “Art-Life” series that brings together works in cultural criticism, and teaches in the Graduate Program of Art History at ITU.

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