Adnan Teskeredžić Trio


20 October 2018 / 17:00 Past Activity

Pera Film presents a music performance by Adnan Teskeredžić Trio as part of Legacy of the Memory: Danis Tanović program organized in cooperation with Bosnia Sancak Academic Culture and History Foundation.

In 2014. Adnan forms his own jazz/fusion project mixed with traditional music of Balkan called Adnan Teskeredžić Trio. The Trio performed twice at Drum Dum Fest in Leskovac, Serbia, and also performed in Sarajevo, Zenica, Konjic, Visoko, Petrovac (Montenegro), etc. The Trio has also recorded two albums and three music videos. First album is called ''Putovanja'' (journeys), and is mainly composed of orginal compositions. Second album is in the form of live CD and live DVD and is called ''Adnan Teskeredžić Trio Live@Festival of the Actor BiH''. During live performances, next to orginal compositions, the Trio performs a variety of jazz standards and the compositions of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Mike Stern, etc.

Adnan now with his bands dedicates most of the time to composing and writing music and to preparing the third album.

Adnan Teskeredzic Trio:
Adnan Teskeredžić
Lordan Muzaferija
Kenan Glavinić
Special Guest:
Mirza Frljak
Admission 10 TL. Places are limited. There will be no entry once the performance has started.