Primary School and Middle School

Poster Design: Ecology and Nature

Are you sensitive to your environment? Do you make an effort to avoid using plastic bags or plastic bottles? Do you turn off the lights when leaving a room? Do you make an effort to abstain from water waste while brushing your teeth? By acting responsibly in these areas of everyday life, we can stop global warming and climate change, awaken to the scarcity of resources in nature and protect the natural resources. At the workshop, we work, in groups, on ecological awareness, and design a poster employing the collage technique as well as a wealth of materials such as cardboards, felt-tip pens, crayons, crepe paper, magazine papers, and recycling materials.

Weekday Learning Program Hours for Primary School – Middle School
Thursday / Friday

Reservation is required for groups, which should include no less than 10 and no more than 25 participants. Schools are kindly requested to arrange transportation for their students. Please do not bring foods and drinks to the workshops.

Between the dates of 17 September - 10 November 2019, our workshops are free of charge by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), with the support of Koç Holding.We kindly ask you to fill out the reservation form accessible on the Pera Museum website before 9 September 2019. Workshop capacity is limited to 30 participants for school groups.