Ages 7-12

Dance and Movement Workshop

A fun workshop in which we communicate by using dance-related dynamics such as time and weight. We improve our senses of coordination, balance; and the awareness of our bodies and forge stronger bonds with art by transferring our choreographic experience to pictures. Together we experience innovative practices; and learn to sense time through our bodies.

Ps: We kindly ask you to come wearing comfortable clothes such as tracksuits, leggings, t-shirts and socks.

Workshop led by: Seda Güney
Related Exhibition: The Time Needs Changing

Ages: 7-12
Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 45 TL

50% discount for PERAcard family!!
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About Seda Güney
Sevin Seda Güney is a registered dance movement therapist, trained in London, currently based in Istanbul. Seda has an expressive inclusive approach acknowledging differences, creatively working with embodiment, movement choreography, the body and movement as resources. She led dance workshops in London, Belgium, Istanbul, Greece, Germany, Portugal and Bangladesh. She works in the fields of social change, trauma rehabilitation, refugee relief and kinaesthetic learning.

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