Working Space

Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Art and Design


6-7 The Young, Once and Again…
Suna, İnan & İpek Kıraç

8-9 Prof. Dr. Durul Ören

10-12 Prof. Dr. B. Tevfik Akgün

14-16 İnci Eviner
FAD Combined Arts Program-Director, Exhibition Coordinator

18-20 Vasıf Kortun

24-183 Works Exhibited

184-199 Biographies

Since its inauguration, Pera Museum has been instrumental in promoting young artists and institutions of art education by opening its exhibition floors during the summer months. Comprised of Yıldız University Faculty of Art and Design student projects for the 2006-2007 academic year, the Working Space exhibition and the accompanying catalogue, took us through a field of experience in which students tried to comprehend life through possibilities in art, and introduced the viewer to young art and the problems of art education. İnci Eviner and Vasıf Kortun's articles about the exhibition enrich the catalogue.

Date of Publication: 2007
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