Rebecca Horn
Screening & Artist Talk

31 October 2013

Pera Film in collaboration with Goethe Institute is showcasing two films of well-known artist Rebecca Horn. Following the first screening Rebecca Horn will talk about her career and work.

Rebecca Horn explores Horn’s most frequently recurring themes – sexuality, human vulnerability and emotional fragility – and illustrates the richness and complexity of her work. Her early works focus on her body and senses, frequently incorporating performances and elaborate costumes. 'The Feathered Prison Fan'1978, featured in her film 'Der Eintanzer', dates from this period. Made up of an exotic circle of ostrich feathers, it creates a warm, seductive environment in which to nestle only to snatch away these reassuring sensations as the fan snaps shut. The association between sculpture and film, which continues to be a key element of her work, is fully explored throughout her works.

17:00       Moon Mirror Journey
18:30       Presentation of Rebecca Horn
Rebecca Horn is unable to attend due to illness.
The presentation will be given by the artist's son Hayden Chrisholm.

19:00       Buster's Bedroom

This program is free of admissions.

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