In the Mood for Chinese Cinema

19 April - 25 May 2019

Pera Film takes the audience on a cinematographic journey to discover the insights of the territory featured in Pera Museum’s Out of Ink exhibition.

In the Mood for Chinese Cinema provides a composite, contemporary perspective on movies made in and about China in recent years. Presenting a variety of films that tap into the aural, the archival, and the personal, this program offers richly overlapping frameworks that identify key voices, histories, places, influences, and motivations in filmmaking in China.

The program features Jia Zhang Ke’s Mountains May Depart a 2015 Cannes Film Festival competitor opening a window from a family tale over the course of 26 years to China’s rapid modernisation; Bitter Money that jumps between day-to-day moments in the lives of workers who migrated to the factory city of Huzhou in eastern China in search of higher wages; Of Shadows showing the creative world of shadow theatre, and the players who balance their lives and the modern urban idea of a cultural heritage that has to be preserved; Dragonfly Eyes delivering a commentary on (in)visibility, our obsessive media culture and contemporary China; People’s Republic of Desire, a real-life Black Mirror story about searching for fame, fortune and human connection online; and a Teddy Award winner at the Berlin Film Festival, A Dog Barking at the Moon that tells the tale of suppressed desire, the social importance of marriage, and the frostiness that exists between the walls of a wealthy Chinese family home.

Screening tickets are 10 TL (reduced museum admission). Tickets are available at Biletix. As per legal regulations, all our screenings are restricted to persons over 18 years of age, unless stated otherwise.

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