I Have the Power!
Hors Pistes

02 October - 12 October 2013
For the sixth edition at Pera Museum, Pera Film welcomes a selection from Centre Pompidou’s Hors Pistes under the title “I Have the Power”. The program includes six artists: Barry Doupe, Redmond Enswistle, Luke Fowler, Matias Meyer, Amanda Trager, Erik Moskowitz, Eleonore Weber. The selected film and video works of these artists present an underlying theme of the social and the historical. Every artist in his or her own manner expresses and explores these main themes either allegorically, figuratively, and/or realistically. The tools they utilize bring them towards a social concern, from the one-person experience to a more societal perspective, whether it is the subject they are dealing with or whether it is the artist’s meticulous choice to film –the program underlines the power of the image, the artist in power as the storyteller as well as the chosen subject the artist wishes to tackle. Thus “I Have the Power” encapsulates moments of social visions and realities.

Screenings can be seen with a discounted museum ticket (5 TL). No reservations taken.