Home Alone
Online Short Films Selection

23 March - 30 April 2020

As we stay at home and limit social interaction in these days, Pera Film offers you a selection of seven films accessible online, which dwell upon our daily life practices, and the emotions and conditions that we cannot shake off.

The selection Home Alone features the films Oh Willy…, a testimony to the extraordinary capacity of animation to transform inanimate objects into emotions; Over, which uses reverse chronological storytelling to uncover the incidents that cause a crime scene in a quiet suburb; Fish Pond, the story of four friends' weekend in a summer house; Merkür, a criticism of the contemporary arts scene with unique nuances; Welcome Lenin, which follows the story of a mysterious Lenin sculpture that hit the shores of Akçakoca in 1993; Carlotta’s Face, which touches upon face blindness and portrays a young woman's salvation from this condition through art; and finally Idle, Torrent, an abstract animation that recounts a story of personal growth in tumultuous times.