Dreaming Singapore

04 May - 20 May 2018

Pera Film takes the audience on a cinematographic journey to discover the insights of the territory featured in Pera Museum’s Singapore Unseen exhibition.

Dreaming Singapore presents: a poignant yet darkly humorous story which follows the lives of six individuals as they navigate the rapidly changing conditions experienced in today’s modern South-East Asian citiesin Singapore Dreaming; the growing pains of Tan Boon Huat, the middle son of a pawn farmer in an island town in Becoming Royston; described as “a small gem” by Screen Daily magazine and the first Singaporean feature film to win at the Cannes Film Festival in Ilo Ilo; how the breaking of a man on the brisk of bankruptcy leads to a major international crisis in Unlucky Plaza; uncovering the processes and motivations behind internationally renowned photographers from Singapore through interviews in Image Makers; the new life of Siva, who has nobody to welcome him at home after he gets released from prison after serving eight years for smuggling in A Yellow Bird; the story of a correctional officer whose ethical notion about promotion is disrupted after he gets transferred to a maximum security prison in Apprentice; and director Kirsten Tan takes full advantage of the beautiful scenery and a charismatic elephant to tell a story about our drift from fundamental human needs and values in Pop Aye.

Free admissions. Drop in, no reservations.