A Place Called Home

06 October - 12 November 2017

Pera Museum is one of the main venues for the 15th Istanbul Biennale “a good neighbour”. Pera Film’s program, A Place Called Home, formed within the curators Elmgreen and Dragset’s notion of home: “deals with multiple notions of home and neighbourhoods, exploring how living modes in our private spheres have changed throughout the past decades. Home is approached as an indicator of diverse identities and a vehicle for self-expression, and neighbourhood as a micro-universe exemplifying some of the challenges we face in terms of co-existence today.” A Place Called Home brings together films depicting the intricate relationships and stories that people have with their homes. Independent of whether they are from America, Europe or Turkey, people share very similar fates. Urban gentrifications and economic crises are most often what force them to confront dramatic ordeals. Some live under the threat of their neighbours, some experience hardships with the people they live under the same roof, and ultimately these stories, as the biennale, invite one to think about what a “good neighbour” could really mean.

Not only does the necessity for shelter strike us, but also the humane need for belonging and the fear of losing one’s home… these form the common ground for Pera Film’s A Place Called Home program.

This program’s screenings are free of admissions. Drop in, no reservations.