Terrarium Workshop

28 February - 21 March 2015

Pera Öğrenme is organizing a “Terrarium Workshop” in collaboration with Terrarium House in tandem with the “Life is Short, Art Long: The art of Healing in Byzantium” exhibition for the 15+ age group.

Detached from nature, the green, and soil in our urban lives, we go back to nature and touch green to heal ourselves.

In ths workshop, participants learn from Burçin Yılmaz what a terrarium is and how to make one. They then create a terrarium using succulents, dried plants, and stones, and place small figures in their miniature worlds.

Single-day workshops
Saturday, February 28         14:00-16:00
Saturday, March 21            14:00-16:00

Instructor: Burçin Yılmaz

Age Group: 15 and above
Limited to: 10 participants
Participation fee per workshop: 50 TL    
Duration: 2 hours

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For more information: ogrenme@peramuzesi.org.tr

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