Ole! Pop Art

18 May - 09 June 2013
Between 18 May - 9 June 2013, Pera Learning will organize a variety of weekend workshops for ages 15-20, as part of the exhibition on leading Spanish contemporary artist Manolo Valdés.

As part of the program “Ole! Pop Art” designed for ages 15-20, participants will work on paintings using serigraphy and collage techniques with artist Gülfidan Özmen.

The use of strong texture, of different media in the works of Manolo Valdés will constitute the basis of this workshop.

Apart from making collages on paper with different materials, participants will also use Valdés-inspired and pre-designed silkscreens in their paintings. This will allow them to employ different techniques with a variety of materials.

Detailed Information
Ages: 15 – 20

Single Day Workshops: 14:00 – 17:00

19 May Sunday
25 May Saturday

Group limit: 5
Price per workshop: 50 TL
50% discount with PERAcardfamily !

For more information and to make reservations:
0212 334 99 00 (4)

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